Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wed. am
Not much to report, as news is slow here in Toledo, OH.  We've enjoyed hanging out at Dave's. Restful and lots of time to visit with Aunt Helenn and Uncle Glenn.  Doing laundry at their house today. 

Sunday was kind of a work on projects slowly day.  Beautiful day here and Glenn came over to stay with the guys while Helen played bridge.  Monday I made a huge pot of chili, a new recipe and a real keeper!  Monday weather was deteriorating to cold and rainy and windy, but nothing awful.

Tuesday we spent the afternoon at Glenn and Helen's playing Sequence, then went out for Chinese.  Yum. 
Hope my next post will be much more interesting...  Do hope all your friends and families came through Sandy safe and sound.  What a devastating storm.
Hugs & love to all. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, Otober 28, 2012

Thursday was a catch-up on sleep day.  About 3:30 pm, Dave Wooster came by (friend of Dave's who we go "jeepin" with and we caught up on his life.  Another 79 degree day!  When cuz Dave came home from work we just sat around and visited, had an adult beverage or two and ordered in pizza again.  (Jerry was very happy with that, but sure wasn't a healthy choice.  However, I was too tired to care.  Allergies or something making me all congested, so I'm not sleeping well.  A great soak in the hot tub at the end of the night was the best.

Friday was a lazy day.  Finally catching up on our sleep and I worked on the genealogy that we hope to do in eastern OH and southern PA. I think the high today was 77.  Awesome.  When Dave got home from work, Uncle Glenn and Aunt Helen took us to Famous Dave's (about 2 blocks from Dave's house) were we had a "feast" and a local brew.  Angela, our waitress will remember us, I'm sure as all the "Iossi" men teased her   unmercilessly.  An early night.

Saturday after a wonderful hot tub soak to get us awake with our coffee, Dave's friend, Mike (another "jeepin" buddy came over and we all worked on hauling wood from one pile to the stack near the garage door.  It was a bit cool but keeping busy with a sweatshirt was the deal.  Dave has a great working garage for everyone's jeep projects and he heats it on cool days (and all winter) with a wood stove. Warm and cozy.  Helen dropped off Glenn and he mowed the grass with the riding mower.    Dave, Jerry and I worked on Dave's leaves and got them all taken care of.  Glad we had a leaf blower with us!  Toledo picks up leaves from the street, so we just took several tarp loads out there and dumped them.  The rest we just mulched to death with the mower.  By the time supper came around, Helen was back and we grilled brats and heated beans and sat around the cozy garage to eat.  Then we gathered at the fire pit for an awesome campfire.  My smore was the best ever and Helen's chocolate chip cookies with a touch of kahlua (I'm going to adopt this tip) were the best.  Another couple stopped by.  Had not seen Dano for several years nor met his wife, Deedee, so that was great.  A pefect day and evening!  We are so blessed.

Well, after watching the weather report, looks like Sandy is going to do a lot of damage and come inland as far as the OH and PA area we're going to next.  Think we will probably stay put here at Dave's til Thursday when the pounding rain and 50 mpr winds in Columbiana Co, OH are nice not to have a "schedule" that we have to follow.  Bright sun but chilly wind today.  Will hang out in the garage again this afternoon with Mike, Glenn and Dave.  Oh yes, and Jerry.  Will probably work on genealogy, too! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 24, 2012 - Day 1

Finally...ready to leave at 10:30 am.    I-80 East.  Stopped to eat lunch at Hennepin Canal Visitors's Center.  Sure not big-rig friendly, but very pretty.  Chicago traffic was not bad and we eased easily through the congestion and got on the tollway.  Egads - costly for a big rig!  By the time we navigated through the Indiana and OH tollroads we spent $44.60!  And fuel in Indiana was $4.01/gal.

We arrived at cousin Dave's in Toledo, OH about 7:15 PM.  404 miles today.  George (his wonderful brown pit bull who is a favorite of ours) met us at the driveway and between Dave and us we got Kanga (our Raptor Toy Hauler) parked in the back yard.  Dave gave us a brief "tour" of his revamped Blue Bird bus which he is using as a camper/toy hauler for his jeep.  It is a marvelous work in process and beautifully done.  Will try to post pix tomorrow.

Enjoyed some liquid refreshment, a wonderful pizza delivered from Jet's and a soak in the hot tub....marvelous welcome!  Bed at 10:30 pm...a very long day after a very, very long 10 days of packing and getting Little Acres in order. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Adventure

Countdown - 24 hrs and counting.  Last minute cleaning and packing.  Yippee!  Am so ready to get going!

Do hope you will follow us down the road.