Sunday, November 20, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Wow - we both reaped many blessings for Jerry's birthday.  He got to sleep in (smile) and our hosts fixed us an awesome brunch.  Jerry found the leak in the toilet (the ring clamp wasn't tightened enough) (smile).  Rick chauffered us all down to the St. Louis Arch and we got to go up in it.  Another item off Jerry's bucket list!

I didn't panic in the claustrophobic tram cubicle and was OK up at the top since there was no way we could fall.. (lol - for those of you who don't know me as well, I do suffer from fear of heights big time...I can't even climb our little rv ladder up to the loft over the garage without having a conniption.  (smile).  Went to the movie to see how they built the arch and that was hard for me to watch because apparently back in 1960's when it was built, OSHA didn't require them to wear safety harnesses, so they are 630 feet in the air walking on those steel beams....egads I had to look at my lap...couldn't watch that.  Jerry enjoyed it though...(he's the one who fell off our antenna tower and lived to tell about it...if you haven't heard that story, ask him about it.)  Then we went to the Lewis and Clark Westward Expansion Museum.  WOW - what an awesome place - they did a great job of telling the story.  And I took pictures of a wagon which is like the one my ancestors used in 1853 to travel from Ohio to Scott County in.  Can't imagine doing brave and adventurous they were.

About 4:30 walked to Laclede's Landing - a St. Louis landmark (and historic area) through a neat "allee" (treeline walkway).

It is chock full of restaurants and pubs.  Selected Hannegan's for Jerry's celebratory birthday drink and dinner.  Was not disappointed!  This was an old warehouse (5 or 6 stories high) and the massive beams (looked to be 18 or 24 inches thick) were impressive.

Had an awesome dinner and lots of laughs.  We were early for dining, so had most of the place to ourselves.  Great ambiance and great waitress. 
Glad the wind had died down as we walked back to the car.  An awesome day.  PTL and LIG

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