Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday, Dec 6 - survival mode

Well, it's been interesting.  For the most part we've been recluses in the confines of our cozy Kanga.  Jerry goes in the shop to check on the Ford and watch them work on it.  As of yesterday at 6 PM, head work is almost half done...may be done late today but we won't be able to leave until Wed. (noonish maybe) because of the cold temps.  Need to dump our tanks...getting dicey.  Even dicier this am as our water pipes/water pump froze.  Even though we left our cupboard doors open over night and the catalytic heater on, it was just too cold next to the outside wall where they are located.  Jerry found his distilled battery water (3 gal) which were in the garage and didn't freeze that we can use for toilet flushing...     Will go in the dealership to get water for drinking. 

Jerry's working with our next door neighbor, a private body shop, to keep our electricity going.  He only works there off and on and if we blow a circuit breaker, we have to start up the generator and wait for him to come back.  The generator seems to be running much better (maybe it's the umbrella thing - if you bring it, it won't rain) so maybe we won't need to use the new carburetor we bought for the gen.  That would be a nice $200 saved!  Think it just needed to be run more. 

Jerry and I went out in the heat of the day yesterday (4 degrees windchill) and walked about a block to the dollar store to buy a few groceries...milk, eggs, bread.  Egads high prices but glad it was nearby.

Good news is that I've had lots of wifi bytes available with our palm pixie hot spot and I've had lots of time to work on genealogy.  Found three more Revolutionary War heroes to add to my list...one, a Capt John Morgan on the Iossi-Bright side of the family.  Amazing stories I've read of the Indians killing two of his sons. 

Well, that's all for now...Hugs & love to all and stay warm!  S & J

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