Saturday, February 23, 2013

Feb 18 – Feb 23, 2013


Left Lake Havasu City around noon on Monday.  Stopped at Tonopah, AZ and soaked in the hot mineral springs there…twice – once before dinner at a Mexican restaurant – awesome authentic food – and then after dinner for an hour.  Very relaxing – what a treat!

Made rest of the trip to Tucson on Tuesday after stopping at Eloy, AZ on I-10 to dump our tanks and get fuel.

Here’s our parking spot in Tucson – friend Nancy’s sister’s home and the parking area that Nan and Lou use when they are here in Tucson.  It’s our for now.


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Tuesday afternoon, Rick, Jerry’s cousin and his girlfriend came by.  They live in the St. Louis area but are in AZ for a vacation.  They came by and we had a nice visit and out to dinner at Chili’s.

Wednesday was cold and rainy.  Jerry and Rick went to the Pinal Co. Air Museum and boneyard.  They were in heaven looking at all the old planes and in the museum.   Finally had to call them at 4 pm and tell them happy hour was at 4:30!  LOL

Tae-Young and I went to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (thanks, Nancy, for two free passes.)  Decided to do the outside first and lo and behold it started snowing – huge flakes.  Made the cacti even more beautiful.  Then it turned cold – dropped from around 48 to about 36 in an hour, and we had enough snow/cactus photos, so went inside to warm up with a snack and coffee.  Then toured the inside museum.  Had a great time!   Then back to the RV and I cooked a yummy meal of Low Country Shrimp and Grits (thanks to Stormy for teaching me how), huge green salad and fresh aspergras.  Yummy! 

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Jerrry’s cataract surgery at the VA Friday am was very successful.  Took him back in the pm for a check and Dr. was pleased.  (Back in 1 week for checkup).  Went to grocery store this am, then a bit of “garage saling.”   Friend, Rick, will chauffer us tonight (J isn’t driving at night yet) for Brooklyn Pizza – the best in Tucson,

Haven’t posted any photos lately of our grandkids, so here’s a few I have captured.    Cailey on the left (ready for her dance lesson and found a cute headdress to model) and Abbie on the right (ready to deliver her Nat. Honor Soc. speech on The Titanic and Jessi below.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any new ones of Zach or Sean, nor of the greats:  Guiliana or Myilana.  Will have to rectify that soon! 


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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 5 – Feb 17, 2013


Arrived in Lake Havasu City on 2/5 after spending a week at Parker, AZ, with a small group of friends for the Parker 425.  We are parked at “The Steps” a free parking area about 15 miles south of LHC out in the desert – The Colorado River and California at the top of the picture.  Counted 100 rigs here in our group on Saturday.

Haven’t been doing a lot.  Enjoying warm weather finally.  Did get our Generator fixed while here – a circuit board $400…Egads.  Thanks to friends Lisa and Bill as we plugged into their generator while ours was on the fritz.

Saw the Winter Blast Fireworks (Western Pyrotechnics Association convention public display) Sat. night.  Amazing.  Didn’t take any pictures as I just wanted to enjoy them.1

 2 3

Below is a picture of “Ed’s” Birthday Party.  An annual hot dog roast/potluck which is held here with our Escapees Boomer’s group.  Think this is the 5th annual.  Cute story as to the name:  When Betty, Duane’s wife (the birthday boy) went into town the first year to get a birthday cake, they were all out except one at half  price marked, “Happy Birthday, Ed.”  Come to find out, no one had picked it up after ordering it (Ed had died.)  So, it has been come to be known as Ed’s birthday party and we always include “Ed” in our Happy birthday Song.  4


On to Tucson – travel days Monday and Tuesday.

Monday, February 4, 2013

January 15 – February 2, 2013

After Jerry picked me up in Mesa from my Missoula trip, we went back to the rig parked at the phoenix Elks and got ready to leave on Tuesday. 

Arrived Quartzsite and set up camp.  Didn’t take any photos, but enjoyed the beautiful saguaros, lots of friends, shopping in town, Thrifty ice cream cones for lunch and good food.  A busy and fune time. 

From Quartzsite, went to Tucson, AZ to visit best friend, Nan and hubby, Lou.  They had great welcome dinner for us.  We didn’t do much while there but visit and play scrabble cubes, eat and eat.  Went out for dinner to their fave local Mexican restaurant for my birthday, and another birthday dinner at their place with surf and turf.  Also had delicious meal at Mama Louisa’s, a great Italian restaurant.  A great visit to catch up, but all too short.

Jerry’s eye appointment there with Dr. Lindsay Tavaras at the Tucson VA went very well.  She is the surgeon who will be doing Jerry’s first cataract surgery on 2/22.  She was very thorough, informative and nice.  Think it was reassuring to hear  all the details and timeline, etc.  We will return next day for check, then in one week.  Then back in one month,for check and glasses if needed.  Also hope to do 2nd eye 1 mo. after first surgery with same timeline scenario.  Should be all set to go north after released! 

Went to Parker, AZ on 1/29 to boondock near the edge of the wash where the Parker 425 race vehicles scream by on Saturday for the Parker 425 Best of the Desert off road race.  There are about 15 different classes of vehicles from trick trucks to buggies to volkswagons.  Always a fun day visiting with people as we watch the race from different areas.  We hosted a potluck at 5 pm with about 25 attending.  Delicious food as always when Boomers get together.


IMG_5439-001 Jerry and Ron relaxing.  Just past the bushes in the pix is the race wash.IMG_5440-001 IMG_5441-001 Our two rigs making a nice private yard.IMG_5442 IMG_5445 Beautiful sunsets every nightIMG_5446Watching the race with Vicky and Terry’s grandson visiting from Washington state.IMG_5447 IMG_5448Terry brought his dirt bike out and the boys had fun taking turns riding it.  Unfortunately a flat tire was a problem…how many people does it take to change a flat?  Jerry made the boys do it til they got it right while he supervised.  Fun day.

Pix from Missoula visit in Jan.

 IMG_5365 Cailey and SeanIMG_5372 IMG_5381 IMG_5393 IMG_5399 Gettin’ into troubleIMG_5413 IMG_5415 Beautiful sunny day for playing in the new snow.  Sean sitting in Grandma Sue’s sleigh that her Dad made IMG_5433 her in 1946.  All was fine til Sean bent over to see what snow was all about and fell out.  Surprise!  LOL


Friday, February 1, 2013