Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 July 15 to Missoula, MT

On the road about 10:30 am.  We continue following the Clearwater River and go through the Clearwater National Forest.  IMG_5763

Then we come to the Selway Wild and Scenic River…and it is that.  Many miles of absolute nothing but absolutely clear river, green fir trees and blue sky with white clouds.  Only one small community. Then in no time, we’re following the Lochsa River around lots of twists and bends and begin gradual climbing.   We skirt the Selway-Bitterroot Wildlife area.  After a lunch stop along the river, we begin the ascent to Lolo Pass – up from 2720’ to 5225’.

IMG_5765 IMG_5766

We have seen hundreds of motorcycles on this isolated stretch of US 12 in Idaho, and more are in the visitor’s center parking lot in ID with the Montana border in sight. 


After a gradual descent we pass Lolo Hot Springs tourist area and lush meadows east of there.


We see Lolo peak (9096’) and follow Lolo Creek which is clear brown from lots of tannin in the water. 


Shortly, we leave US 12 and travel Hwy 93 north 7 miles to Missoula.  Seems so strange to be in this town without the kids being here!  Tomorrow we get the back door of the RV reinforced at Bitterroot Welding in town.  The hinges which allow the door to drop down in order to load the bikes are breaking into the fiberglass.  

Well, this ends the 2012-13 Adventure blog.  Hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have.  It’s been a dream trip come true.  Hugs and loves to all our family and friends.

Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 July 14 Palouse SP to Kamiah, ID

After another look at the falls, and reading about Anthropologist Fryxell who found 12,000 bones in lava a bit down stream, IMG_5727 IMG_5728

we push on, back south to US 12 headin’ East on the Lewis and Clark Trail.  More interesting patterns on the hills.  Lots more wheat farms.  Climb to 2785’ and then back down,


And wind farms…


Two different ways of stacking bales that we hadn’t seen before...

IMG_5735 IMG_5737

More patterns


As we cross into Idaho, US 12 becomes the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway.  Lewiston, ID and the Snake River

IMG_5747 IMG_5748

Heading south on US 12 and we follow the Clearwater River for miles and miles, twisting and turning around the huge bluffs.  Lots of floats and canoes out on the beautiful river on a beautiful warm day.

IMG_5750 IMG_5753

Finally, trees again. 

IMG_5755 IMG_5756

Stop in Kamiah, ID for groceries, fuel and overnight at the County Park next to the Clearwater River $5 for 15 amp electricity.  First sweet corn of the year for supper!  Yea.

Saturday July 13 River View to Palouse State Park

On the road after lunch.  Lots of pullouts for stopping to view the River or spend the night.  Ours was the best though as it was further from the road. 

Picture of the Naches River before we go into the town.


Another gorgeous mountain photo.  Mt. Rainier?


Beautiful valley with lots of fruit and produce stands.  Grapevines, corn, wheat, hay, cattle, apple trees all with irrigation.  A sign states we’re on the Lewis and Clark Trail. 

We leave the valley and traverse the hills.  Huge areas of wheat fields with nothing else in sight.  No small towns for miles.  I think about how far these folks have to go for groceries.  Know it wouldn’t be for me!


Interesting patterns in the pictures below.  We pass up “Sorghum Hollow Rd.”

IMG_5699 IMG_5704 IMG_5707 IMG_5708

About 4 PM we come into the town of Dayton.  Fill up with diesel – egads $4.15 here.  We’re used to paying $3.80ish.  Dumped our tanks free with the fill. 

Beautifully kept train station at Dayton.


Decided to eat since there’s not much in the way of towns ahead of us.  Ate at Thrasher’s Grill.  Excellent food.  We had the restaurant to ourselves.  As our waitress told us, there were two weddings in town and all the townsfolk were attending those celebrations.  Bet we made their day!  LOL  This mural was next to the restaurant.


After an hour on US 12, we see a sign for Palouse Falls.  Interestingly enough our friend Pat had seen a photo of the falls and posted it on FB the day before and asked me if we had been here.  Well, I said, not yet!  So, off we go north on a farm to market road to the small state park.  We get set up in the overflow boondock area which is fine.  1000’+ up here so it is cooler.  Lovely breeze.  Walk about 100’ to see the falls!  Spectacular!  Thanks, Pat!

IMG_5712 IMG_5714 IMG_5715 

Cool, quiet sleeping except for the “crazy amount of coyotes” howling, per Jerry.  Didn’t bother me!

2013 July 10 Sequim –July 12 River View Rest

July 10 Rest day.

July 11 Left Sequim.  Very cloudy and nicely cool.  Passed Lord’s Lake (Grandma Pearl, my Dad’s Mom was a “Lord” -Love it.  Through Quilcene and didn’t take “Linger Longer Rd!” LOL.  Through the east corner of Olympic NF and skirted the Hood Canal.  Another interesting name, “Never Give Up Road.”  By the time we got to Hoodsport, we had sun and blue sky.  I-5 south to US 12 and then east.  This is called the White Pass Scenic Byway  through the mountains with beautiful views. 


Stopped at Mayfield for fuel, then through Mossyrock in a beautiful valley.  Stopped for the night at a Senior Center parking lot in Morton, WA.  Free wifi, quiet and shady.  Ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant a block away.  

July 12

Cloudy and coolish.  Follow the Cowlitz river on US 12.  Up to Packwood at 1200’.


We stop at the Palisades Viewpoint.  These fractures were caused thousands of years ago when a volcano 7 miles away spewed lava and the edges of the lava cooled more quickly and caused the rocks to split.

Palisades, Hwy 12, Washington

Goat rocks in the distance with the snow.


Mount Rainier Viewpoint!

IMG_5661  IMG_5665

Clear Creek Falls is another pullout.  Fabulous!


Lots of small pullouts along the Tieton River along US 12.  We choose one for our overnight stop that is farther from the road.  IMG_5687

Lunch and relaxing by the noisy rushing water!  So peaceful and restful!



Took some fun photos of the river.


A Says Phoebe flits from the trees and rocks down to the water for bugs.  Got one!


After a simple supper, made a fire in the rock fire ring!  Heaven.  We haven’t done this for a long time and really enjoyed the respite!  Beautiful cool breeze for sleeping.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 July 5 Seattle area to Sequim and July 6-9 Port Angeles to Pender Island, BC and return


July 5 we drive north to Edmonds, WA to get the ferry across Puget Sounds.  We follow the ferry signs and then there’s a detour which didn’t make any sense at all.  They want to us to climb a 12% grade hill, stop at the top and then make a sharp right turn!  Not gonna happen.  Backed down the road and used our Kentucky Windage to find the road we thought they wanted us on…Yup – we’re in the ferry lineup – yea!  30 minute shuttle and we’re in Kingston.  Took highway 104 and crossed the Hood Canal on the “floating bridge.”  Around the Olympic NF and then into Sequim!  Found the Elks and got set up.  Got the bike out and got muffins for breakfast and had supper at a Mexican Restaurant.  Not many choices here in Sequim.  To bed early.

Up really early and drive from Sequim Elks where our RV is and drive 20 minutes to Port Angeles where we catch the ferry to Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC.  Be there at 7 AM for 8:15 AM ferry departure.  Board at 7:45 am

Ferry lineup in Port Angeles



Beautiful Olympic Mountains as we leave Port Angeles


Jerry snoozes as we cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  I ate a delicious bowl of Ivars’ famous Clam Chowder.  Yum!


Arrive at 10:30 AM and go through customs and drive through Victoria North to Sidney.



Customs lineup as we debark


Victoria – beautiful flowers and majestic buildings.  I haven’t been here since 1962!

IMG_2037 IMG_2038 IMG_2050

How often do you see a sign advertising Murphy Beds?


On our way to Sidney.  In Sidney, saw a sign for a business:  FLUSH – Bathroom Essentials!  Funny.


Sidney is a neat, tidy, lovely little town.


Free wifi so stopped at the Woodshed and checked email, etc. and had a delicious beer and pizza. 

Wood fired pizza - Sidney, BC 7-6-13

Mall next to the Woodshed.  The flowers up here in the northwest are so spectacular!

Downtown mall, Sidney, Vancouver, BC  IMG_5511

Drive to Swartz Bay to board the ferry to Pender – a 45 minute ride.  Our ship is The Queen of Cumberland.  Bumper sticker on the ferry to Pender.  They are laid back.

IMG_5530 IMG_5531 

One of the many San Juan Islands.


Our host, Ian, was on the same ferry from Swartz Bay to Pender so we had a nice visit on the ride.


Following Ian to their home on North Pender.

IMG_5543 IMG_5545

Relaxing dinner and evening catching up with them. Hadn’t seen them since we spent a week in Abbeville, LA and met them in Nov of 2010.

On Sunday after a yummy breakfast, they took us around the island sightseeing.  We stopped at Brooks Point Regional Park and walked a short shady path to the beach.



Spotted a bright purple starfish!


And a seal mom and pup.  I was too slow with the camera and the pup dove into the water before I could get a photo.


Jerry, Ian and Vicki enjoy the warm sun and cool breezes as I take pictures.


Lunch was ice cream at the local shopping area called Driftwood.  Really yummy ice cream!  Mine was Mango!  RG has me hooked on mango!

Driftwood on Pender 

Back to their home to sit on the deck and chit chat.  Then to the Cafe at Hope Bay for 6:15 dinner.

Hope Point

Ian built this  entrance for them.  Nice young couple, Rob and Amanda own it.  Amanda is an amazing chef!  Delicious food!


 Took the scenic route back to their home. Stopped at Magic Lake across the road from their home.  Pretty in the setting sun!


Monday was relax day.  Jerry amused himself and one of the cats…


Vicki made us a delicious dinner with local Prawns.


Tuesday up and “attem” early with ferry at 9:30…be there at 8:30 to line up. 

Ferry Victoria to Port Angeles

Stopped again at Sidney on the way from Swartz Bay to Victoria.  Had several hours to kill, so shopped at Captiol Iron, which was a glorified general store with really wonderful kitchen accessories and lots of other items such as clothing, camping equipment, and bathroom stuff.  Had lunch at a cafe in the same little strip mall, did email using Safeway free wifi.  Then drove to Victoria to the ferry.  Through customs.

Scenes from the Coho Ferry as we leave Victoria on the way back to Port Angeles.  

Rowing club.


Tour boats – so cute!  Lots of them running around the bay.  Also sea planes landing and taking off.


Was foggy, windy and rough on the way back. 


But as we came back in to Port Angeles, the Olympic mountains greeted us once again and the water calmed.

Port Angeles, WA 

Stopped in Port Angeles at Next Door Gastropub.  Sat at a high table for two right on the sidewalk in the sun.  Had a beer and sandwiches.  Really gourmet!  I got my Dungeness Crab!  A real treat!  Home by 7 PM.  A wonderful long weekend visit with wonderful friends.