Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tucson, AZ, continued

Hi all,

Haven’t posted for a bit, as we haven’t been doing too much to write about.

Jerry had a very successful cataract surgery and we’re down to one drop of two meds a day (down from 3 drops 4 times.)  Had exam yesterday with his eye surgeon who has proclaimed him 20/20 with new lenses and he does not need his 2nd eye cataract done at this time.  Should receive new glasses in about 3 weeks.

Went down to Green Valley for a fun day with our AK friends, Bob and Mary Anne.  Had a Mexican Train domino marathon and great dinner.  Wonderful to see them and have a visit.

Took our friend, Rick, out for pizza at Brooklyn Pizza in downtown Tucson.  Great pizza and dark brews.  We have also eaten at BJ’s, a great brewery and good food. 

Went up to Cornville (north of Phoenix about 2 hrs) to visit Roger and Jackie (Jerry’s uncle and wife.)  They started up their outdoor spa for us and it was heaven…beautiful setting with rock waterfall, warm sun and birds singing!  Great Italian dinner one night, then up to Jerome for Mexican at Quince.  Jerry conned our waitress out of a bumper sticker which reads:  “We’re all here.  Because we’re not all there.”   LOL!  He hasn’t decided where to place it! 

Going to meet Boomer friends, Frank and Gloria at Poco and Mom’s for lunch today…great Mexican restaurant that Bob and Mary Anne introduced us to.  Hope to get some motorcycling in, as it is now warm enough…ya think?—gonna be 90 today! 

Have been checking the AZ Patriot Guard website, but no missions lately.  Hope to do some while we’re here.

Have a new photo of Cailey (5-1/2) and Sean (10 mo in this pix), now 11 mo.

Cailey and Sean Feb 2013


Cailey is in dance lessons and pre-school and Sean is in walking, climbing and pulling her hair  LOL!

Let us hear from you!  Love and hugs from us both!