Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visiting Missoula, MT

Ya think I'm crazy....going from 80 and sunny in AZ to 20-40 and freezing, snowing, raining, sleeting and ice?  Well, only partly's worth it to see Sarah, Donovan and 3 year old Cailey.  It's been since August and Cailey has changed so much in those 5 months!  Of course she is cute, smart and precocious.  She is also loving, sweet and so glad to see her Grandma. 
Arrived here Sunday the 16th to rain and 40ish.  We spent a fun day playing with the games she got for her birthday and Christmas.  Monday we ran some errands and played.  Tuesday Sarah had David, one of the children she watches so I helped her with a computer/picture project while the kids played.  Out for dinner as a treat.  Today we're running errands and going to the Children's Museum.  My camera broke so I was lucky to get these pix. 
Jerry is up near Camp Verde riding his Yamaha in the mountains and enjoying some hot springs while I am here.  Returning to Mesa on Thursday and then heading to Quartzsite. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Well, it is 2011 - where did 2010 go?  We are so blessed with so many friends, wonderful family and our ability to travel this wonderful country and view God's beautiful creations. 

We've been parked at Nan & Lou's, our good friends in Tucson since mid-December and we're having a wonderful visit.  Their side yard is a great place to relax and we've had fun cooking and eating and chatting.  We've had a few challenges while here - Jerry's PTSD flared up but the VA is wonderful and he got his meds adjusted quickly and is doing very well.  Nan's sister had to have some surgery so that was kind of a bummer before Christmas.  Jerry has finally installed a bullet light over his living room chair for easier reading.  We're looking forward to a campfire as soon as the weather eases's been a chilly January so far!  Nan and I have been walking some - need to do more! 

Will keep in touch.  Big hugs to all!

Nan and I on New Year's Eve.  (We had a similar photo from 5 years ago and needed to update it!)

Can't believe we've been best friends for 64 years!  We're so blessed!