Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 24-26


 Nan and Lou are staying at Kings Bay Naval Base in St. Marys, GA (right on the GA/FL border) and invited us to come stay with them for a week.  So here we are and what a beautiful, peaceful place it is!  The campground is right on a small lake an we've seen Wood Storks and Wilson's Plover family (new lifelist birds for me), Great blue heron, Great White Egrets so far.  Haven't seen an alligator, though there are signs posted that there are gaters in these waters.  Nan has seen them, though.  Nan had great dinner for us first night, chicken stew and warm bread.  Last night I did salmon, broccoli and salad.  Nan contributed basil pasta and pumpkin pie!  Feast.  Nan and I took a small walk foot is some better and allows me to walk short distances.  I also did 6 loads of wash at the FREE laundry...yippee all caught up.  We also got in a game of scrabble cubes.  Monday, today, we went to get our IDs at the security post and passed the background checks so we're now here officially with our own passes. 

Oct 21-26, 2014

More beautiful scenery as we travel to Wilmington, NC.

Went to dinner where we met another Vinall cousin - Richard and Liz Moburg.  Had a great meal and wonderful conversation at Hops Supply. 

Took a motorcycle ride one day to Wrightsville Beach, toured the beautiful homes and condos right on the ocean.
This swampy area is between the ocean homes and the intracoastal waterway.

 View of the Intracoastal waterway
Wonderful churches and beautiful old homes in the older part of Wilmington.  Had a great spaghetti dinner at their home north of Wilmington.

Our last night, met Richard and dog Maddy for a drink at Fermenal...a very laid back, relaxing place not far from their home.  Then a great flounder for me, shrimp for Jerry dinner at The Boat House.

So great getting to meet more cousins!  Great visit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct. 20, 2014

Continuing through beautiful fall-colored hills, the Allegheny Mountains, over the Eastern Continental Divide at 2610', viewing the Monogahela River, Potomac River, and today through the Shenendoah Valley.  We had mountains on both sides of us as we headed south...the George Washington National Forest was on our west side and the Allegheny's on the east. 

Passed many cool names of bodies of water and towns...and saw our first sign of "run" - Pugh's Run (a small creek).  Seems to be an old Eastern US name. 

Also a first.  Sign:  Trucks and "combination vehicles" use right lane when traveling less than 70 mph.  Made a lot of miles today since we were mostly on interstates.  Stopped around 5 pm at the Mount Rocky, NC Elk.  Interesting how different the Elks lodges are throughout this USA.  Had $3 pulled pork sandwiches and cole slaw for dinner here.  (They called them BBQ sandwiches, but was a vinegar base with no "BBQ in sight."  Good, but think we prefer the BBQ we're accustomed to. 

Only 100 miles to go today, and I have connected with cousin, Richard Moburg in Wilmington, NC and have plans to meet he and wife, Liz, for dinner tonight!  Looking forward to meeting another Vinall 3rd cousin!  Much warmer here - 70's!  Yea!  Hope to get a motorcycle ride in today and do some sightseeing in the next couple of days. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 19, 2014

Travel day today, Sunday, Oct 20.  Getting really chilly here in PA, so once again we're abandoning my research and heading south.  Also, plantar fasciitis is really messing with my walking.  Bummer that we were at least  weeks late in leaving IA.

We had a 4-state day even though we drove less than 200 miles.  PA-MD-WV-VA.  Beautiful fall colors - my pictures don't do it justice!    Think I need to clean my camera lens!

In the morning, Jerry cleaned out the lower compartment in the RV and re-arranged things.  Then did an oil change on the generator!  Was very chilly and spitting rain.  Clouds looked like they could open up at any time, but didn't.  The ER stopped by for a nice chat.  This was a very friendly lodge.  After homemade pea soup for lunch we finally got on the road about 1:30 pm.
Stopped at the Winchester, VA Elk's lodge to park.  Very friendly people in there.  Sat next to an art teacher at a high school so we had a lovely chat about education today.  Went to a Texas Steakhouse for supper and it was awful.  Slow service, steaks not done correctly -sent back and still not right.  Baked potato was great. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

We're off on our trip

Finally left home Tuesday, Oct. 7 after getting our RV out of the repair shop the Friday before!  Onward to Toledo to stay at cousin, Dave's place and visit with Aunt Helen and Uncle Glenn.  Jerry got upkeep/repairs done to rig and truck and we really enjoyed a barbeque and huge bonfire party on Saturday night with all our Toledo friends.   We were finally able to leave Toledo on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Spent 3 nights at the New Philadelphia, OH, Elks and did genealogy research on the Stiffler and Casebeer line in the Little Family Tree.

Also got to do some sightseeing as the weather cleared up a little on Thursday, Oct. 16.    Went to Zoar, OH, home of the communal society begun in 1817 by Wurttenburg, Germany, immigrants.  It was finally disbanded in 1898, but was a very successful society.  They paid for their land by digging 7 miles of the Erie Canal next to the Tuscarawas River which ran through their land.  There were still about 75 families living there in the 2010 census.

The Zoar Hotel, built in the early 1800's

The country store, being painted.  Note the copper gutters and rainspouts!

Zoar, OH

Canal Tavern.  Wonderful lunch spot!  Their German food was wonderful...especially their 4- hour ham and pea soup!

Across the highway from the Canal Tavern.  On your right is a little portion of what's left of the Erie Canal in this area.  On the left, the Tuscarawas River.
Bridge over the Tuscarawas River

The Tuscarawas River

Fall color in New Philadelphia Co.

"The largest cookoo clock in the world" proclaims this Sugarville tourist sight.

Arrived at the Monessen, PA Elks around 4 pm.  Will spend the weekend here exploring the area.  Beautiful temps - hopefully will be good weather this weekend - Jerry wants to ride his bike!